We had an excellent turnout for the seminar with students participating from all over the UK. Those who arrived early, helped set-up the Dojang in true team style with even parents getting involved by laying out mats.

After registration, we had a somewhat unique warm-up from Mr Mariusz Mrozek. Mr Mrozek is not only disciplined in Taekwon-do, but he is also disciplined in the art of Aikido. With his experience in both fields, Mr Mrozek compiled a high paced warm-up routine to kick start the seminar. Master Denis described it as 'high octane' when looking back at videos. What was also different about the workout was that it was conducted with music in the background. Participants kept their focus on the reps and put in 100%. As a result, everyone was able to push themselves further with the beat of the music. After 30 minutes, it was unanimous that everyone was well and truly warmed up.

A sample of Mr Mrozek's work out can be seen in the video below.


 After cooling down from the warm-up, participants were allocated to appropriate groups and directed to four different stations. The stations were run by Grand Master Ellis, Master Bernard, Mr Martinelli and Mr Capaja with support from instructors from our ETA family.

Each instructor focused on different areas of Taekwon-Do. Participants had the opportunity to receive critical feedback from our very own Grand Master Ellis, who focused on student’s technical performance in their patterns.

A junior participant stated ‘I’ve been to a few seminars now. This one is different, and I really like it. The music for the warm-up was a really good idea and I liked moving around from one element to another. I’m going to do the kick combinations again this week’. Covered in sweat and panting for breath, this young person went straight back to their station and waited eagerly for the next instruction.

The seminar was a not only an opportunity for ETA students throughout England to come together, but also an opportunity for participants to experience the teachings of experienced instructors who have coached gold medallists for the National Team. With experience spanning over decades, the seminar was a truly a knowledgeable event.


ETA Senior Promotions March 2017

England Taekwon-Do Association are pleased to announce two senior promotions.

Mr Carlo Martinelli and Mr Dave Charlton were both promoted to VI on March 25 2017.  They were both graded my Grand Master Ellis IX.  As always with gradings done by Grand Master Ellis, it was a few hours from patterns, sparring, self defence and destruction. 

Mr Martinelli
Mr Martinelli VI
Mr Charlton VI
Mr Charlton VI
International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF)
All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation (A.E.T.F)