Another year has gone by and McKnight TKD School, Bedford played host the ETA September seminar and grading at Alexander Sports Centre.  This year however the agenda for the day was slightly different.  Due to the upcoming ETA Rose Cup, we also held a refresher course for the umpires who will be assisting with the running of the Rose Cup.

The session was split into two sessions both running at the same time.  The umpires course was running in one half of the hall while the seminar was taking place in the other half of the hall.

The seminar was also very special for one very good reason.  It was being taken by not one, not two but three Taekwon-Do masters.  England Taekwon-Do Association is very proud and fortunate enough to have three masters.  Grand Master Ellis IX, Master Denis VIII and Master Bernard VII.  The rank of the students taking part in the seminar ranged from yellow belts to black belt 3rd degree.

Grand Master Ellis doing what he does best.

The seminar was headed by Grand Mater Ellis IX.  The students were taken through a number of patters with the movements being broken down to basic levels so that they could fully appreciate how the basic movements come together to form the pattern.  The students had over three hours of instruction by three masters, not many people can say they have had that?

I spoke to a few of the people who attended the seminar today (day after) and they all thoroughly enjoyed it.  A few sore arms from the constant blocking but they would do it again.  That says it all really.

While the masters were instructing the attendees of the seminar, the umpires course was running.  This was led by Mr Piotr Capaja, Mr Carlo Martinelli & Mr Burns.  It was an extensive session covering everything from protocol for the officials as well as competitors to scoring and handling difficult decisions that can occur at a competition.  The umpires course was well represented and should help us to run the upcoming Rose Cup as smoothly as possible.

Lunch was at 1pm and for those grading, it must have been an agonising hour.

Before the grading started, a presentation was made to Master Denis and Mr Bernard on behalf of the association to congratulate them on their recent promotions.  A presentation was also made to Grand Master Ellis (well, we could not leave him out now could we). lol.

The grading started at 2pm (well, a little after 2pm).  There were quite a few students grading, from first kups to a 5th degree.

The black tags were graded by Mr Fitzsimons, Mr Martinelli and Miss Fagg. The junior black belts by Master Denis and Mr Bernard and the senior black belts by Grand Master Ellis.

ETA Senior Promotions March 2017

England Taekwon-Do Association are pleased to announce two senior promotions.

Mr Carlo Martinelli and Mr Dave Charlton were both promoted to VI on March 25 2017.  They were both graded my Grand Master Ellis IX.  As always with gradings done by Grand Master Ellis, it was a few hours from patterns, sparring, self defence and destruction. 

Mr Martinelli
Mr Martinelli VI
Mr Charlton VI
Mr Charlton VI
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