On Saturday 26th September, Bedford hosted the ETA September seminar and black belt grading.  The event was held at Alexandra Sports Centre in Bedford.

The seminar was separated into two three groups.  Instructors and senior black belts, seminar attendees (students not grading) and students grading for promotion.

Instructors and senior black belts were taken through their paces by Master Denis. This started with a warm up followed by patterns starting with Chon-Ji moving up to respective patterns for each instructor.


Non instructor black belts and coloured belts were under the watchful eyes of Mr Carlos Martinelli 5th degree.  The sessions started with a gentle warm up working both arms and legs.  From there they moved onto patterns and sparring techniques.  The patterns ranged from Chon-Ji to Choong-Moo.

The red belt, black tag students intending to grade were under the wings of Mr Fitzsimons and Mr Charlton.

In preparation for their grading, the students were drilled in patterns from a technical point of view as well as kicking combinations.

The seminar concluded at 12:45 to allow the students grading to get some lunch, refresh themselves and prepare for the grading.

The day was a great success and Bedford hopes to host another ETA Seminar in the future.

ETA Senior Promotions March 2017

England Taekwon-Do Association are pleased to announce two senior promotions.

Mr Carlo Martinelli and Mr Dave Charlton were both promoted to VI on March 25 2017.  They were both graded my Grand Master Ellis IX.  As always with gradings done by Grand Master Ellis, it was a few hours from patterns, sparring, self defence and destruction. 

Mr Martinelli
Mr Martinelli VI
Mr Charlton VI
Mr Charlton VI
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